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Sarasota Medieval Fair: Joust and Be Merry The Sarasota Medieval Fair kicked-off on Saturday, November 10th at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds. It ran through the second weekend in November and will return for another on Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th. It's bedlam and history all rolled into one time capsule, allowing visitors to peek into the past. Life in the 5th through the 15th century sure was different from that of today. And the culture is a bit of a shock. But that's all in good fun as food and drink are plentiful in these parts. So are the colorful characters, portraying various stations of the day. From the peasant to the princess' lady-in-waiting to the king himself, all social manifests are represented, including the brave knights of

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Sarasota Chalk Festival: Sidewalks Come Alive The Sarasota Chalk Festival kicked off another successful year, drawing in dozens of internationally recognized artists from all over the world, including fan-favorite Kurt Wenner, a Baltimore street painting 3-D artist. Visitors counted in the hundreds of thousands last year, and this years by all measures, doesn't seem to be anything less. The massive art exposition event, sponsored by Avenida de Colores--a non-profit organization--was again held in historic Burns Square, in downtown Sarasotaon South Pineapple Avenue. The festival has become an institution in a short period of time, beginning in November of 2007.

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