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Home sellers often make the same mistakes, regardless of property type and/or geography. Everyone who sells their home knows it's got to be spruced up, cleaned from top to bottom and inside and out. It's also common knowledge that buyers will be looking for a deal, but that might get lost in the seller's mindset and emotion. When selling a property, it's all too often the case sellers have trouble mentally and emotionally preparing themselves for the final transaction.

Looking at the latest market data here in Sarasota is one way to get your mind into a frame of selling a commodity, not memories, after all, you'll have those to take with you. A home is a commodity; and, according to the latest figures, sellers ought to take advantage of the current

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Though it might be a bit chilly outside for the next couple of weeks, it’s about to warm up in more ways than one. Looking into the next several months, there’s no shortage of things to experience right here on the west coast of the peninsula.

Many events are scheduled to take place, and cater to all kinds of interests. No matter what you’re into, it’s about to unfold in the coming months and that means now is the best time to be in the area. From boat racing, to auto shows, to charity events, to golf, art and much more, there’s something for everyone right here in the heart of this tropical paradise...

Season of Sculpture at Bayfront Park

Going on now through Friday, May 30th, 2014, is the Season of Sculpture at Island Park / Bay Island Park.

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Thunder on the Bay 2014


If you love motorcycles, good music and having a great time, maybe you gathered, along with 40,000 other Sarasota-area residents, in downtown Sarasota for the 2014 Thunder on the Bay, held January 9 through 12. This year marked the 16th anniversary of the Sarasota Motorcycle Festival, and featured food, entertainment, casino-style gaming, and much more.

More refined and less intimidating than the motorcycle festivals held across the state in Daytona, Thunder on the Bay was a great time for everyone, from die-hard bikers to those who just like to look at and dream about motorcycles.

The “Kick Start Party” was a high-end event held at The Francis Ballroom at Louie Modern. The real kickoff for most participants,

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Homeowners are routinely surprised by the amount of "stuff" they have; and, from time to time, host a yard sale and give things away to charity. That amount piles back up over many months, and when it comes time to sell their property, homeowners can be overwhelmed by having to pack up all their belongings and moving into a new home.

Even small homes, like villas and condos have a lot of furniture and moving it isn't a cheerful thought. Many folks hire a moving company, others opt to do it themselves, regardless of whomoves what, it still has to be done and that's a big part of a selling a home.

When a homeowner decides it's come time to sell, they generally thing first and foremost about pricing it and their next home, but the transition is very

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So you’re in the market to buy a new home and want to be in the heart of the action or right on the beach. You begin to search online for a house, starting with a price range and the floorplan--the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, along with the necessary square footage.

During your search, you find several single family homes, but they aren’t really in the location you want to be in and don’t have all the things you want. It’s then you see a condo for sale in your search and it piques your interest--you’d not thought about getting into a condo community.

That begs the question of what it means to own a condo unit and how it differs from a single family home or even a townhome. Of course, you know that they are different in the layout, but

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