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When it comes time to sell your property, it has to make a great impression. Not only does the listing have to convey a powerful message with key features, accompanied with the right images, it also has to wow potential buyers in person. If they don’t feel like they are walking into a warm, comfortable, yet fully functional space, they’re more than likely to start noting every tiny defect.

The trick is to preempt those problems by making every room proclaim its own purpose without going overboard. For instance, if you have children, it’s perfectly fine to arrange it in a way that makes it appear as a kid’s room, but too much decor, toys, and the like will look as though it can’t be used for any other purpose. In other words, if you go all-out, you’re

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When it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to make it really stand out over the competition. It’s no secret that buyers begin their home search on the internet, which means the first impression they’ll have on your home is the images accompanying the listing description. No matter how enticing that description might be, they’ll focus their attention on the photos first and foremost.

If they don’t like the depiction of your home, they’re not likely to read about the great features, or simply dismiss those features as covering for the lack of quality. Quite simply, the cliche holds true, and you won’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Research reveals that the average time to form such an impression is about 7 seconds, and in an age

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It might or might not come as a surprise to you, but International buyers are actively snatching up real estate in the United States at a level not seen before. Not only are foreign investors purchasing homes in the US, they are looking to gain a foothold in the American system of commerce.

If you are looking to market your home to foreign buyers, you ought to know what kind of an audience you're attempting to reach. You should be aware of where they get their news, find information related to their industry, and how they interact with different types of content. Not only will their be the task of overcoming the language barrier, but making sense of what are everyday things, like measurements.

Understand that reaching out across the pond, into the

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buying-a-condo-as-an-investmentHere in Sarasota, and much of the west coast of the state along the Gulf of Mexico, there are a number of condominium communities from which to choose. The reason for their ubiquity is quite simple--reduced cost. Let’s take the average single family, two bedroom, two bath home, complete with a one or even two car garage and place it away from the coast. The price would be commensurate with the neighborhood. However, move it to the beach, and wala! Now, the price skyrockets.

Of course this is because of location, the home itself doesn’t offer anything more; but, with an exception view, easy access to the white sand and water, it becomes far more valuable. That’s what condo and townhome communities are about, splitting up the cost between many owners

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