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No doubt, you've heard it said that the prices of everything are going up. Maybe you've even said it yourself! Perhaps you're pinching pennies in order to prepare for the closing on your Paradise Shores home, or maybe you've just splurged on decorating your new home. Or perhaps you're just looking for something free or inexpensive to do with your children, grandchildren, an old friend, or all by yourself! Although you can certainly have lots of fun in Sarasota if you spend money, there are plenty of activities to enjoy if you're on a budget, too. Here are some of them:

  • Hit the Beach  Not only is the parking on Sarasota County beaches free, but so are the seashells, shark teeth and sand. Whether you're new to town, entertaining visitors, or have been
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Your new home in Oyster Bay Estates is set right up against the Sarasota Bay, the waterway that separates the mainland city of Sarasota from the barrier islands leading out to the Gulf of Mexico. Living in Sarasota is often considered a dream come true, and there are countless reasons why you might want to live in close proximity to the Sarasota Bay. Here are just a few of them: 

Old Florida Charm 

One characteristic of this section of Sarasota is the prevalence of “old Florida” charm. From the older homes to the curving streets, when you leave the busier areas of the city and meander along the Bay, you'll definitely notice a difference in the way the area looks and feels. This is a coveted characteristic; with so much new development going up in

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Health and fitness are topics that most of us are interested in. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or you just want to be sure to stay in shape so that you can chase toddlers, participate in a half-marathon or age gracefully, you know that eating well, reducing stress and exercising often are important. When you live at Sansara, there are countless opportunities for you to improve your health and boost your fitness level. Between the amenities offered and your excellent location, here are some of the ways that you can get -- and stay -- healthy in downtown Sarasota.

Relax at The Sansara, Sarasota, FL

With expansive windows featuring views of the gorgeous Sarasota Bay, you can enjoy some pretty deep relaxation without leaving your home in

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Congratulations on deciding to make downtown Sarasota your home! If you have purchased a home in Sarasota, you are probably surrounded by boxes... or maybe you are procrastinating in an effort to avoid having to buckle down and get your belongings boxed up and moved. Moving, even if it’s locally, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Follow these tips to make it as low-stress as possible. And when the going gets tough, remember: Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying the gorgeous views and luxurious amenities that made you want to live in Sarasota in the first place.

Make lists

Moving an entire household is a huge undertaking, and as you are involved in one pre-moving-day activity, you’ll get six other somewhat-relevant ideas. Keep a notebook handy. Choose a

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If you are waiting for your home at The Vue to be ready, you are probably anticipating your move to Sarasota with with excitement. Whether you’ve lived in the downtown Sarasota area for years or you are new to town, living in the heart of the city will open your eyes to a lot of opportunities for entertainment, dining, shopping and more! Here are some of the places that you’ll be able to go with ease, either using your own two feet, a bicycle or a very short drive in the car. Here's a list of our favorite things to do in Downtown Sarasota.

Go out for dinner (or lunch or breakfast)

Your location at The Vue, Sarasota makes it simple and easy to enjoy a meal out. There are several restaurants within walking distance, though if you were to go out

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Out of state real estate can be tricky. You’re getting ready for a career relocation move, want the perfect vacation property in an ideal destination, or are planning for retirement. Whatever the reason, you’ve set your sights for the Sunshine State and want to make the purchase go as smoothly as possible. The problem is you are several hundred, if not thousands of miles away, and that means house hunting won’t be a simple matter. Sure, you can tour homes virtually, that’s the power of the world wide web, but it isn’t the same as seeing potential purchase properties in person.

Not only does distance provide a substantial gap in terms of geography, but it also puts a strain on your wallet because you’ll have to traverse that gap by car or plane sooner

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When you’re ready to buy a home, you’re probably doing it for the first time or perhaps the second, but it’s not a regular activity for most people. Property investors learn many lessons from the time they start to the time they become savvy enough to handle the roller coaster process. That’s a reality which never really changes, the fact of the matter being, buying real estate, be it a primary residence, a vacation home, or as an income investment typically comes with its share of surprises.

Things are bound to pop up during the process, from the initial search to the purchase offer, negotiation and acceptance, to the inspections and appraisals, to the closing table. Each step of the way, there’s something which subtly or greatly changes the dynamics

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Whether you are just starting to consider a home in Longboat Key Club or you have been living here for a long time, there is one feature of the community that you surely have not missed: The golf courses. Longboat Key Club was named in Golf Digest as one of the Best Places to Play, and that designation is taken seriously! There are two courses that you'll want to know about. The Harbourside Golf Course runs along the Bay side of Longboat Key, and the Islandside Golf Course is on the Gulf of Mexico side. There are also driving ranges for when you need some practice and Spike 'n Tees, a restaurant that offers light fare and cocktails. If you're looking for equipment or apparel, you'll want to visit the Pro Shops, where you'll be able to find anything you

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Living in Sarasota has its advantages, and one of the big ones is that you're in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. When you consider the beaches in Sarasota County, it's interesting to note that they're all a bit different, even though they may be only a few miles apart. Since one of the big allures of living on the coast of Southwest Florida is the chance to while away many, many days on the sand, here is your guide to some of the best beaches in the area:

Siesta Key Beach

No guide to the best beaches in Sarasota would be accurate if Siesta Key Public Beach did not occupy the top spot. This is because in 2011, this white-sand slice of paradise was actually rated as the #1 beach in the nation by Dr. Beach. Why?

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If you buy one of the vintage homes in the “Old Florida” neighborhood of Country Club Shores on Longboat Key, you will undoubtedly want to keep its character in mind as you decorate. Whether your sense of style leans toward traditional or modern décor, you may choose to incorporate some elements of your tropical island surroundings in your decorating scheme. Here are some ideas to keep the allure of your paradisaical location present in your Old Florida home.

Bring the outside in

One of the easiest ways to keep your island surroundings within an arm's reach at all times is simply to bring it inside! Collect some pretty seashells and display them in a mason jar or even in a soap dish. A jar of beach sand displayed in a bathroom will remind you that

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