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casey-key-beach_254Looking for your own slice of paradise? If your idea of paradise includes white sand, private beaches, stunning sunsets and warm Gulf waters, then one of the many waterfront homes for sale in Casey Key  might be the place for you to begin your search. Casey Key is one of the barrier islands off the coast of Sarasota County; this particular island is located off the coast of Nokomis, which is a small town between the cities of Venice and Sarasota.

Casey Key Homes For Sale

You might be wondering what a beachfront home on this gorgeous island will cost you. Right now, prices range from right around a million dollars to $15M or more. The former will get you a modest cottage, while spending the largest amounts will allow you to live in a veritable

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sarasota-short-salesBuyers looking for a deal to buy their own piece of paradise for their primary residence, a vacation home, or even an income property, might think a Sarasota short sale is a sure-fire way to get a real bargain. While it's true that distressed properties often come at a cheaper price, it's actually getting the transaction to go through that's a challenge in many cases.

The reasons are numerous, but if one thing is obvious, it's the fact that these types of residences aren't legally controlled by their occupants. Owners might physically be living in a single family home or a condo, but it's another entity that has the power to facilitate a sale.

If you are wanting to land a real bargain, time isn't on your side. Across the county, the number of

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lido-key-real-estateLido Key is one of Sarasota’s beautiful barrier islands. This island is located southwest of St. Armand’s Key, home to world-famous St. Armand’s Circle. Life on Lido Key is luxurious and carefree, whether you plan to spend a weekend, the winter or the rest of your life. If you are looking for a relaxing experience, here are some of the things that you should know about Lido Key.

Lido Key Bay and Gulf Side Homes


If you buy a home on Lido Key, you’ll have your choice of homes on the Sarasota Bay, on the Gulf of Mexico, or slightly inland toward the center of the island. Here, luxury reigns: Ranging in price from under $1M to close to $8M at this time, you’ll find expansive floor plans and lots which include private or public beachfront access.

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casey-key_300_01If you’ve never visited Casey Key, one of the barrier islands in Sarasota County, located off the coast of Nokomis, it’s high time you did! Home to two beaches (Nokomis Beach and North Jetty Park Beach), Casey Key is also home to multi-million dollar mansions, including those owned by Rosie O’Donnell and Stephen King. The island is quiet and mostly unspoiled, making it a great location to spend a day or a weekend biking and exploring. Bring your own bike or rent one on the island, and spend your time doing any of the following:


Well, even if you’re not in the position to actually purchase a home on this island, you can certainly look to your heart’s content, from the outside. You’ll find gorgeous mansions set right on the water as you

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bridge-loans_448When a homeowner or a property investor wants to purchase another home but not immediately sell their current residence or income property, or even sell it before buying another, one problem typically exists. That problem being money and enough of it to make a down payment on a second property and/or payoff their current mortgage.

For property investors, bridge loans have been a crucial tool to facilitate the buying of new investment homes, while also providing residential homeowners with the ability to go through with a transaction. However, if you've begun to look into securing a bridge loan, you've likely come across a lot of information which clearly convinces you that these type of loans are no longer available.

While these kinds of debt

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If you have inherited a residential property and do not want to live in it, you have three options: allow a family member to live there and pay the taxes, maintenance, and utilities; rent it out to someone; or, sell it outright. The first option will allow you to keep the home in the family, keep it in good repair without cost; and, gain more appreciation. The second option will also allow the property to appreciate in value, but will come with some costs and necessarily include becoming a landlord.

The third option is what most people who inherit property opt for, taking advantage of the opportunity to turn the residence into cash. However, unlike a home you’ve purchased, lived in, and then want to sell, there’s a bit of difference in this scenario.

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