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When you decide to sell your property, be it to relocate, to upsize or downsize, or for practically any reason, you'll have to put your thinking-cap on because there are going to be a lot of questions to answer. It will start with your search for a listing agent, when you are trying to find a great marketing partner. After that, it will be the listing agent asking the questions.

Because of the various laws associated with real estate sales, particularly those which are specifically designed to protect consumers, you'll have to give open, honest answers. The fact of the matter is when you put your residence up for sale, you're making a public declaration and have to be accurate about the information you provide.


Too often, sellers try to conceal

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You've taken the time to save-up for a down payment and always pay your bills on time. Long before you applied for a home loan, you carefully and strategically paid-off as much debt as you could, and have been staunch in not opening new lines of credit to keep your debt-to-income ratio low. Then, you saved a little more, building-up an emergency fund and have meticulously gone through your credit reports, disputing every inaccuracy on your files. Eventually, you started shopping around for a mortgage, looking for the best rate and terms.

That's when you settled on one lender and applied for a mortgage. Though prepared, you stayed nervous until the moment you knew you were approved and now you're out looking for a home. There are many you've seen and

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When it comes time to sell your condominium or one you've inherited, you'll find that marketing it is decidedly different from a single family home. Though you'll have an advantage of living in a community that's well kept, thanks to the homeowners' association. That's something that owners in single family neighborhoods can't control and have to deal with nearby homes which look like they ought to be condemned.

However, there are some unique challenges to selling a condo; unfortunately, you won't have control over all of them. For instance, if the unit is in a community with a lot of properties for sale or several vacant properties, lenders won't be eager to approve a mortgage in a high-risk purchase. You do, though, have a measure of control over

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First Fridays: Music on Main at Lakewood Ranch


Lakewood Ranch is a planned community located just west of University Parkway in the southeast corner of Manatee County. Located close to I-75, Lakewood Ranch offers you an eclectic mix of homes, a small-town feel, boutiques, restaurants, lots of things to do, and proximity to the amenities of both Sarasota and Bradenton. One of the community events that take place each month is called Music on Main, a monthly concert held on the first Friday of each month.


The concerts themselves are free, but the charities benefit from the food, wine and beer sold during the performances. Performances are held from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. You can bring a chair and even your dog (kept on a short leash), but

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Shelling on Casey Key


Casey Key, located off the coast of Nokomis slightly south of Sarasota, offers white sandy beaches, surf ranging from calm to exciting, and gorgeous luxury homes located right on the water. If you enjoy spending time on the sand, you might also want to pick up some seashells and other natural souvenirs. Here’s what you need to know about shelling on Casey Key.

What Can You Take?

The southwest Florida coast is teeming with natural wildlife, and when animals like clams, snails, scallops and the like die, their remains wash up on the shore. Feel free to take these shells to enjoy! Sometimes you can find pieces of sand dollars and dried starfish as well. Fossilized shark teeth are free for the taking, as well; you don’t need

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Surfing off Siesta Key


If you are new to the southwest coast of Florida, you might be picturing large waves and ample potential for surfing. While this does describe the situation on the Atlantic side of the peninsula, the warm Gulf waters are typically calm in the Sarasota region, with a few exceptions. If you are coming to Siesta Key and were hoping to have a great surfing experience, here are some possibilities to keep in mind:


Many people in this area enjoy paddleboarding, sometimes called stand-up paddleboarding, as a fun alternative to surfing. This is a great cross-training sport, so if you are hoping to build up your muscles and get your heart pumping, paddleboarding is a great way to do it! On the other hand, if

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The kitchen, a place where meals are made and where all the goodies are kept for those late-night snacks and guilty delights. It's also the heart of your home where guests seem to congregate even when there's a comfortable couch and a larger-than-life big-screen T.V. with plenty of viewing options just waiting a room away.


It's no secret, the kitchen gets the most foot traffic of all the rooms in your house, and with all that action comes a lot of touching, opening and closing, spilling and cleaning, all of which takes an immense toll on the countertops, the floors, and cabinets. Such wear, in conjunction with time, make a kitchen look run-down and outdated, in bad need of a face-lift at the very least.

For most homeowners, a simple cosmetic

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Looking for your own slice of paradise? If your idea of paradise includes white sand, private beaches, stunning sunsets and warm Gulf waters, then one of the beachfront homes on Casey Key might be the place for you to begin your search. Casey Key is one of the barrier islands off the coast of Sarasota County; this particular island is located off the coast of Nokomis, which is a small town between the cities of Venice and Sarasota.

You might be wondering what a beachfront home on this gorgeous island will cost you. Right now, prices range from right around a million dollars to $15M or more. The former will get you a modest cottage, while spending the largest amounts will allow you to live in a veritable mansion, complete with a guest house and room for

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boating_image_1_275One of the pleasures of living on the coast of Southwest Florida is boating. Whether you enjoy sailing, fishing from the comfort of your own boat, kayaking or canoeing, life in Sarasota will give you plenty of opportunity to enjoy these pursuits. While you are on the water, you’ll want to be sure to follow all of the rules and regulations in Florida, and also to keep yourself safe. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your eye on the sky. In Southwest Florida, we tend to get thunderstorms most afternoons in the summer and early fall. Being out on a boat during a thunderstorm can be very dangerous, so make sure you know what the weather is doing before you head out. If you do see storm clouds approaching, head toward land.
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