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When it comes time retire, either in-part, for full time, it's wise to make decisions based on the future to make the most of the work you put into the past. Unfortunately, some new retirees make their decisions based almost exclusively on a financial basis and do not consider other factors.

For instance, retirement lifestyle in regard to location. A good example would be choosing an area that is chalk full of outdoor recreational opportunities, entertainment, culture, and more things to enjoy when there's time to enjoy more things. This is why Sarasota is such a great choice because there's plenty of choice and wonderful weather to enjoy recreation almost every day of the year.

Retirement is a marvelous opportunity but it can be a negative

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Buying a home is an incredible experience, complete with a variety of emotions and thoughts, a roller coaster of excitement sometimes intertwined with anxiety and joy. Expectations are often high for buyers, who are ready to find the perfect place, turning a house into a home.

Reality quickly sets-in when the actually house hunting process begins and you're confronted with an astounding amount of choices, in housing types, neighborhoods, financing products, and prospects of the start of a new life. As you can see, there's more to buying a home than completing a home loan application and being approved for a mortgage, but it doesn't end there.

What to Do Before You Apply for a Mortgage

Okay, so you're probably thinking about finances,

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When you think about the term "spa," either one or two images come to mind right away: a steaming, sinfully sweet place to relax in a luxury resort or a hot tub positioned near a pool with a large cover over top of the feature. For the ultimate in creature comfort, you can take your bland, ordinary bathroom and remake it into a wonderful place to relax and unwind, plus up your home's value.

Speaking of ROI, a bathroom remodel is one of the best investments you'll make in your home. A transformed bathroom is worth about 62 percent of what you put into it, provided of course, it's done right. That means striking a broad appeal without making it too customized to your own, unique tastes. In fact, if you do go overboard and make it too personal, you'll

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You diligently saved and saved until you had enough money for more than a sizable down payment. Over the past several months, you spent every free moment disputing inaccuracies and mistakes on your credit files with the three bureaus, hiking your score up bit by bit. You've taken the time to shop for the best mortgage to get the most affordable interest rate. You’ve even begun to offload a bunch of junk you don't use any longer to make the move easier and keep your moving costs down.

It took you weeks to find the right home for your lifestyle that had most of your must have features, right in the heart of the tropical paradise that is Sarasota. After speaking it over with your agent, you decided to put-in a purchase offer. Since there were a few

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