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It should come as no surprise that the sheer ubiquity of technology around us is not only making our lives easier, but also becoming a huge marketing feature. Retailers put the best on display and consumers crave having state-of-the-art items, be it for everyday use or periodic use. Gadgets are now part of our everyday lives, from our smartphones, to tablets, to streaming, we encounter and use tech devices all the time.

What's more, these new devices don't come with a huge learning curve, most are designed to be intuitive and that makes them all the more valuable. The old adage in real estate about "location, location, location," isn't going away, but ever increasingly a bigger factor is the wow factor. Buyers are putting more and more emphasis on a

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Approximately 1,000 people move to the state of Florida each day of the year. While there are many great locations on the peninsula, many people move to areas on or near the beaches. One of the most desirable locations to live in the Sunshine State is in Sarasota. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico on the central west coast of Florida, Sarasota has some of the most inspiring arts and culture, entertainment, and outdoor recreation opportunities in the whole state.


It's known not only for its world renowned white sand beaches, but its many beautiful and challenging golf courses, its museums, and its laid back, tropical lifestyle. The County of Sarasota is essentially split in two: along the coastline and Sarasota Bay, there are many townhome, villa,

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If you're looking for a home to purchase in sunny Sarasota, there's one thing you might be wondering about: a swimming pool. Here along the Gulf of Mexico, pools are quite common amenities, and there are a lot of residential properties with these relaxing and cooling feature. In townhome and condo communities, and the new master planned communities about Sarasota and Manatee County, swimming pools are typically one of the best amenities.

Though pools are ubiquitous in the area, there are still plenty of homes which don't have one. So, if you buying, you might be wondering about the value and if putting in a pool is a good financial choice. This really depends on your own situation and how long you'll be in the home. Because of location and climate,

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‘Tis the season for snowmen and visits from Jack Frost... but not if you live in Southwest Florida! This is the time of year when residents and visitors alike enjoy warm sunny days and crisp breezes from the ocean. Without parkas and snow boots to slow us down, nor high humidity and sweltering heat to make us want to stay indoors, venturing out to some of the area attractions is a favorite way to spend the beautiful days of winter. Particularly around Christmastime, various places in Sarasota decorate and host special events. Spending a day on St. Armand’s Key is always a nice way to celebrate the season while getting in some shopping and dining.

On St. Armand’s Circle, the holiday festivities kicked off on December 5. Every year, the first Friday

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One project a home seller or even a homeowner that's selling or renting out their property, which can make a huge difference in making it more appealing, is to paint the interior walls. Unfortunately, anyone who has not yet taken on this project thinks that it's a cinch, as simple as popping open cans of paint and then brushing it on the walls. However, that's not the case at all, painting, especially indoors, is not as easy as one would believe.

Although, if it's done right, the results can be marvelous, transforming a room or rooms from drab and dull to elegant and fabulous in just a few hours. By the way, practically any professional that you can speak with will tell you there's simply no way of substantially reducing the amount of time it takes to

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