March 2015

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You've just purchased a dream property and your wallet is a lot lighter. Expenses ran-up quickly in the form of inspections, closing costs, moving, and a few new items to transform your house into a home. There's still quite a bit you'd like to do make it just right, but a total remodel just isn't in the budget. When you look at the costs of new kitchen cabinets, a new bathroom vanity, and other upgrades, the cost becomes too steep to handle.remodel_pic_1_275

Remodeling a home is something that's not only expensive, it's outright intrusive and disruptive. It can be quite stressful because you're without a kitchen, have limited use of your bathroom, and throughout the house, dust and debris is tracked into every room. All of this, not to mention that what initially

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The summer heat is nearly upon us here in beautiful Sarasota and with it comes higher utility costs. These monthly recurring expenses can be a strain on the wallet, no matter the size of your home. Here in the Sunshine State, air conditioning is a forced amenity, every household relies on it to escape the many balmy days. Homeowners tend to use a lot of energy in the summer months, which stretch for a longer period than in the midwest, northeast, and northwest.saving_utiities_259

During those many, many weeks, homes depend on a number of appliances and devices to keep occupants comfortable. From the air conditioner, to the many entertainment electronics, the utilities can easily skyrocket out of control, making just opening the monthly statement a stressful situation.

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If you're considering buying a home in the Sarasota area, you ought to make a strategic purchase. Some homeowners buy because they have an emotional connection, like the location, or just found a property that nicely fit their budgets. While these things can be important, it's imperative to take into consideration the future. You're probably quite familiar with the adage real estate is about three things: location, location, location. Don't dismiss this because it's very true. When you buy a home, the neighborhood comes with it.real_estate_apprreciation_259

Right now, there are plenty of housing choices in Sarasota, and the market, though in recovery, still offers a lot. The median home price is about $190,000,while the median condo price, according to the latest figures

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When you sell an investment asset, be it a stock or real estate, it's often the case you do so to realize a profit. However, that margin is lessened by the capital gains tax, something of a surcharge for your smart money management. Essentially, it's a penalty on profit and can easily wipe away most or all of your gains when you sell. It applies to things like stocks and real estate and presents a scenario that most property investors would like to avoid.capital_gains_tax_240

Depending on your income tax bracket and the value of the real estate property you sell, not to mention the property type, capital gains tax can range from a very non-issue of zero percent, up to a costly 20 percent. Time is also factored into the calculation, if you haven't owned the property very

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