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how to successfully sell a home long distanceFor some homeowners, there's a burden of carrying two mortgages, and, it's not necessarily by choice. The housing meltdown might well be years behind us, but its impact is still being felt. Some homeowners took an opportunity to relocate for their careers, or, for other reasons. The result was leaving behind a home that probably couldn't be sold for a profit, or even, to break even. Instead of turning a paper loss into a money draining reality, some homeowners opted to rent their former primary residences and either pay the difference, break even, or lose on a monthly basis.

Long distance homeowners aren't the only ones with more than they can handle. The national economic downturn took a heavy toll on lenders, who lost big time from defaulted home

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avoid these home selling mistakesPutting a home up for sale on the market isn't usually a quick decision. It typically comes after much consideration, perhaps due to several factors which include a new career opportunity, a change in housing needs, wanting more or less space, to move into a home that's more energy efficient, or, taking advantage of living in a great beach condo.

Regardless of the reason, when you arrive at the decision to sell your home, you need to go into the process knowing what to expect. Many homeowners believe that their properties have all the enticement necessary to pique buyers' interest, but unfortunately, that's simply not the case. Living in a residence means becoming use to those little annoyances, which is to say, broken items and deficiencies.


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Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are the hardest working, most used spaces in our homes. When it comes time to sell and you need to impress, or, you're buying and want a quick refresh, the bathroom is one room that's among the easiest to transform. Because the space is small and there's no a lot in the way of decor, compared to the living room or even the kitchen, the washroom is a cinch to change.

inexpensive easy bathroom updates

It's common for baths to look and feel out-of-date, probably because of the strange phenomenon of being so familiar. Since it's used everyday and sometimes, multiple times, it's easy to become use to the space and not put any thought into it. That is, until you have company, then the bathrooms become a real concern.

Whether you're looking for a

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reasons you should by a beach condoWhen you're considering buying a home and want a property that's either right on the beach or near the Sarasota Bay or Gulf of Mexico, you'll have plenty of options. There are condos, townhomes, villas, and single family residences in the area and each has its own features, amenities, as well as pros and cons. Of course, your choices will be limited to your budget, lifestyle, and wants and needs.

The good thing about having property near or on the beach is that it will gain equity at a more rapid rate than a landlocked residence. It also means that you'll have an attractive vacation home, which you can use when vacationing and rent out during the year. What's even better is that if it isn't going to be your primary residence is that you can charge top

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