June 2015

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best summer home improvementsNow that summer is fully upon us here in beautiful Sarasota, the heating is on, and, radiating right into our homes. Fortunately, there's always the beach, the pool, and other places where we can cool off a bit. Taking a dip to refresh is one great way to enjoy the outdoors, and, of course, there's always plenty of enjoyment to be had boating on the water.

What gives the Sunshine State its name also collides with our homes, forming a bit of a paradox. While we certainly welcome the many days of sunshine, we don't like what it does to zap our strength, and more particularly, what it does to up utility costs. When the heat is on, so are cooling systems, but, there are ways to mitigate those related costs. With the advent of some home improvements, you

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seven no cost tips to sell quickYou've decided to sell your home and now is a great time here in Sarasota. The local real estate market is quite active, and, at this point and time, sellers have a bit of an upper-hand. Median home prices continue to rise, which means you'll get more out of the sale. Buyers are out in a big way, taking advantage of low interest rates (though these are beginning to tick-up), new loan products, loosened lending standards, and, new credit scoring models.

All of this means that you will have to impress to make your home stand out from the competition. The best way to do this is to have your home professionally staged. This typically involves swapping out furniture, some borrowed decor, a few strategic changes, and more. It's well worth the money too,

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summer vacation checklist for homeownersSummer is definitely here in beautiful Sarasota, and, that means it's time to take a little time off and go on vacation. No matter where your destination might be, it's a good idea to have your trip planned-out, and, the more detail, the better. It's a dream for many just to take off and go somewhere, nowhere in particular, but that lack of planning and spontaneity can be very costly, which is why we devise a plan. Without knowing where you're going and what's available, it's quite likely you'll spend (read: waste) money and wind-up regretting rather than cherishing your trip.

We take time to research places to stay, find the best airfare, rental car rates, and great accommodations for our vacations, no matter how long or short the trip. We spend time

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signs your home value has increasedThe housing crash of several years ago continues to impact our collective psyche, though reality is quite different. Across the country, particularly in places like Sarasota, Florida, home values are on the rise, and, are experiencing a recapturing of their equity positions, even to the point some properties are now worth much more. The reasons for this phenomenon are several, including the smaller percentage of distressed property listings, which are comprised of short sales and foreclosures, historically low interest rates, remodeling of credit scoring, and, time.

Put another way, the economy though still slow, is growing, and, buyers are active, which in turn, encourages more owners to sell. The entire dynamic creates circumstances which are self

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