Trendy Mother-in-Law Suite Design Ideas

Adding a mother-in-law suite to your home can be a great idea for your family, and potentially your home’s future value, but where should you start? There are so many design ideas out there, you can really go as basic or as elaborate as you want, and your budget allows. Here are some of trendiest mother-in-law suite design ideas right now:

Lots of Light

Some of the most current design trends also carry over into the main home. Homes with a lot of natural light are often desirable, and so are mother-in-law suites. You can create a space that accomplishes this by designing a suite that opens up into your backyard with an existing sliding glass door, or by adding large windows. If your home has vaulted ceilings that’s a bonus to making the space feel even larger, and skylights can also add in more natural light. 

Large Showers

The trend for large walk-in showers is evident in many new construction homes right now, and that trend carries over to mother-in-law suites. Because many aging adults eventually deal with mobility issues, a large shower is helpful for those who use walkers or even wheelchairs. You can think about adding a slight ramp into the shower to make it even easier. 


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Open floor plan

Mobility issues also come to play with the design of the overall space. Luckily, most new homes tend to have open floor plans. That can be an advantage, too, when you’re in the process of designing a mother-in-law suite. If you want some separation between a bedroom and a sitting room or living room, thinking about adding wide French doors instead of a more traditional and smaller doorway. 

Decks/outdoor space

Just as natural light is seen as an advantage, some people also look at creating a private deck or patio for outdoor space. This can be a small private space just off an exterior door, or even a deck attached to a cozy, stand-alone cottage that’s elsewhere on your property.



Make it feel like home

One trend that just won’t go out of style is to make the mother-in-law suite feel like home. If you’re moving a loved one into your own home, make sure they don’t have to part with all of their possessions. Sometimes having familiar furnishings and décor is more important to an aging parent than simply outfitting the space with the latest and greatest design trends. 

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