What To Look For In a Florida Penthouse

Those in the market for a penthouse are rightly searching for more space and premium finishes, but when it comes to Florida, penthouse buyers are also searching for a key number of other select features. 


To begin with, buyers want a fantastic location. In Florida this often means a building that’s located close to the sand and the waterfront. Upscale buyers also usually want a location that’s close to high-end shopping and dining, entertainment venues and cultural attractions.


Of course, a penthouse would not be a penthouse without the views, and buyers will pay top dollar for some of the best possible views. Living by the water in Florida is usually important, and that means sensational, unobstructed views of the waterfront. This often means walls of windows that open up the private living space to the surrounding scenery. 

Outdoor space

Florida penthouse buyers also want outdoor space to further enjoy the year-round sunshine and blue skies. While many units come with private balconies, a Florida penthouse may add on a wraparound balcony or even a rooftop terrace. Some penthouse units provide enough outdoor space to include private plunge pools and a massive amount of extra living and entertaining space. 

Natural light

Oftentimes the outdoor space becomes simply an extension of the indoor space, and that’s evident by the walls of windows and floor-to-ceiling glass. Florida buyers don’t want to feel like they’re living in a box. They want plenty of natural light and unobstructed views from every room.

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Open & airy

Penthouse buyers know they’ll be paying a premium, so they’re often looking for an open floor plan with high ceilings. Not only is a penthouse unit usually larger than any of the other units in the building, but higher ceilings only make the space feel that much larger. 

Privacy & exclusivity

While some people buy a penthouse unit as a showpiece, others truly want a penthouse for that extra level of privacy. Oftentimes a penthouse comes with extra sound-proofing, a private elevator and sometimes even a separate parking area that’s exclusively for the use of penthouse owners. Some penthouse units even come with their own exclusive concierge service.

Upscale amenities

Penthouse buyers in Florida also want buildings packed with amenities. This means things like garage parking and valet service, concierge service, spas, swimming pools and fitness centers. It may also mean buildings with on-site dining possibilities, direct beach access and other upscale privileges. 

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