7 Tech Gadgets that Help Sell Your Home

It should come as no surprise that the sheer ubiquity of technology around us is not only making our lives easier, but also becoming a huge marketing feature. Retailers put the best on display and consumers crave having state-of-the-art items, be it for everyday use or periodic use. Gadgets are now part of our everyday lives, from our smartphones, to tablets, to streaming, we encounter and use tech devices all the time.

What’s more, these new devices don’t come with a huge learning curve, most are designed to be intuitive and that makes them all the more valuable. The old adage in real estate about “location, location, location,” isn’t going away, but ever increasingly a bigger factor is the wow factor. Buyers are putting more and more emphasis on a home’s features than ever. In the past, it was the case buyers would simply accept homes that did not have their wish list items. Now, according to new research, the HGTV effect is a reality. Buyers not only want up-to-date homes which are move-in ready, they want technology to be a part of their new residences.


To give your home a real marketing advantage and to stand head and shoulders above the competition, you’ll have to go the extra mile. Staging is one example, as is landscaping for maximum curb appeal. However, to make a home go to the very top of buyers’ lists, you’ll need a tech savvy property to offer. Buyers will take notice of these items because of their uniqueness and newness, always remembering their uses and picturing how they will enjoy the benefits.

“46% of consumers recently surveyed by ERA Real Estate and HGTV said it was important for their current or next home to have smart home technology. And 51% of the 2,437 consumers polled said they’d consider installing smart home technology in their home to make it more appealing to future buyers.” –Market Watch.com

Another thing to keep in mind is what buyers are doing as they house hunt. They have a set of criteria, for example, four bedrooms, two and half baths; or, six bedrooms, five baths. In addition, there’s usually others, which might include a dedicated garage or three car garage, perhaps even larger. The point being that buyers will take those criteria and only tour houses which fits their needs. A buyer looking for a home with five bedrooms and four baths or more won’t go see a home that has only three bedrooms and three baths. So, you need to make your home stand out from the crowd of similar homes. Tech gadgets will do just that.


Buyers are not only looking for technology which makes their lives easier, but also saves money. Here are the top seven tech gadgets that help sell homes:

  1. Smart thermostats. Here in Sarasota, the weather is beautiful and the breeze from the Gulf of Mexico and off Sarasota Bay are absolutely delightful during many months. However, the summer months demand air conditioning and there are weeks when the heat must go on during the winter. Buyers will love the fact they’ll save money on cooling and heating, approximately 20 percent, according to the Nest website.
  2. Smart garage door opener. For years, it’s been a fact of life that garage door opening systems came with a myriad of programming problems. Now, the newest are much simpler to program and are more secure than previous generations.
  3. Smart smoke detectors. Safety is a big concern to buyers and they’ll have peace of mind when they see that your property is not only equipped with smoke detectors, but smart ones which also detect and measure the amount of smoke, as well as carbon monoxide.
  4. Smart appliances. Beautiful and fully functional, ready to cook perfect meals and keep leftovers, with plenty of extra space to accommodate more during holidays, smart appliances are a smart bet and wonderful selling point.
  5. Smart home door locks. The latest home door locks aren’t just programmable, they’re equipped with bio-identification. One touch and the lock comes unbolted, ideal for full hands.
  6. Smart home hub. With all the tech devices available for the home, there’s so much to manage. A smart home hub provides the ability to control lights, locks, televisions, coffee makers, and much more.
  7. Motorized window coverings. Nothing says state-of-the-art like motorized window coverings. These not only take out the manual work, but also provide security and inclement weather protection.

Other tech devices which impress are wall mounted flat panel televisions, not only in the living room and bedrooms, but also in the office or study and kitchen; and, a multi-room digital sound system. This gives residents the option of listening to the same or different types of music in whichever rooms they choose.