How Do I Lower the Cost of Moving? Ways to Save Money on a House Move

Buying a home in Sarasota and relocating from another city, county, or state can be an exciting; yet, stressful time. You have to time everything right to get your current home sold and purchase a home in the Sunshine State. The best scenario would be selling your property and having ample time to find the right home in a tropical paradise.

However, that means having to hire a moving service, which is something that practically everyone does not want to take onto their plate. It takes time and if you don’t do your homework, can find a very unpleasant surprise when you’re handed the final bill. The worst part about it is your things are subject to being held hostage if you dare to disagree with the amount.

Getting the right moving service isn’t really difficult, but it will take a bit of time and careful thought. You can expect to pay based on distance, the amount of things you’re moving, and the degree of difficulty. So, if you have a grand piano, expect a hefty fee to transport it and move it into your new place. You can get a little peace of mind if you get the right movers.


In order to avoid making a costly mistake, do yourself a huge favor and check out a few different companies. Ask family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to make recommendations and then follow-up diligently. Should you skip on doing a bit of background checking, you’ll probably be quite sorry. So, first check with the state to ensure they have the licensing and insurance.

“Approximately 16.7 million households move annually, with a little less than half moving in the summer months, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The summer season is an especially popular time to move, because most families want to move when their children are out of school, says Julie Reynolds, a spokesperson for, a site that connects consumers with professional moving companies.” —US News and World Report

You should also look each company up on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see their ratings. Thereafter, you ought to visit the clerk of the court’s office online and search those companies. This will let you know if they are a defendant, or plaintiff in any civil lawsuits

Then, schedule a time to have each company come out to your home to give you an estimate. Make sure to ask them about extra costs which include things like packing and handling of delicate items. Read the estimates carefully to find any surprises in the fine print. If the price sounds too good to be true, it likely is just that.


The first thing to do is start offloading things you no longer use and/or need. Hold a yard sale or two and donate items to charity, anything you can to lighten the load. The less stuff you have, the less it will cost to move it from where to are to your new home. Once you’ve unloaded some things, then do the following to save more money on your move:

  • Schedule you move strategically. The most expensive days to move are the first day of the month and the last day of the month. Saturdays are also more costly, so avoid these days completely. Ask the company for their preferred time and cater to their schedule, you might even inquire about getting a discount for doing so.
  • Start packing well before moving day. Everyone is surprised about how much “stuff” they’ve accumulated when it comes time to move. Start weeks in advance, carefully packing up one room at time to ensure nothing gets missed. Label each box with a marker and colored tape which states which room those boxes go into to cut down on confusion and time.
  • Move whatever you can before moving day. If it is at all possible, start moving boxes to your new place well in advance of moving day. Again, the less things the moving company has to handle and transport, the less it will cost and the quicker it will go.
  • Write the costs off on your taxes. The IRS allows the deduction for moving expenses based on three factors. Should you meet those three requirements, you’ll be able to write-off the cost in part or whole. Information can be found by going to:
  • Have your checkbook ready. When the move is complete, you’ll be handed the final bill. Be sure to have your checkbook in-hand or you might be waving goodbye to your things and have to pay additional costs to get it all back.