Florida Rainy Season: Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Sarasota

During the summer and early fall, residents in Sarasota experience what the locals call, “Florida rainy season” This does not mean that it rains all day, mind you; the rains during rainy season usually start in the mid to late afternoon and end by mid-evening. The downpours can be torrential at times, and are often accompanied by thunder and lightning. Those who have lived in the area for a while will usually plan outdoor activities for the morning or evening hours during this time of year. If you are new to Florida, you may wonder if you will be able to acclimate to this weather pattern. You’ll probably be surprised to find that you soon appreciate the routine and rhythm that rainy season provides. Still, you might be looking for things to do when Mother Nature is having her daily meltdown. Here are a few suggestions:


From your vantage point in Coral Cove, you will be able to watch the thunderheads move in from the Bay. It’s actually quite an impressive show, as the clouds gather, darken, and gradually give way to the lightning and wind that makes up the storm. You’ll be able to see the rain falling from faraway clouds before they even make it to land. Picture yourself sitting in your window with a glass of sweet tea, just watching nature’s daily show. Lucky you!


With any luck, the rain and wind will give way within a few hours, and you’ll be left with sweet, cool air. After the rains die down is a great time to head out for a walk or drive over the Stickney Point Bridge out to Siesta Key. If the clouds break up before sunset, watching the sun sink into the Gulf will be a great show! You might prefer to take a stroll around the neighborhood; chances are, you won’t be alone. This can be a great way to meet your new Coral Cove neighbors.


The Sarasota Square Mall isn’t far from home, and it offers you ample opportunity to shop without getting wet as you travel from store to store. You might plan on having a snack or dinner to while away some time so you don’t have to make the mad dash to your car during the downpour! Regal Cinemas is another option. See what blockbuster is playing and let that drown out the sound of the thunder.


Admit it: The dark skies and the sound of the rain makes a perfect backdrop for an afternoon nap. Go ahead and indulge yourself. You didn’t move to what many consider paradise in order to work hard all day long, did you? If you have the opportunity to enjoy a decadent nap in the middle of the day, then go for it! Other relaxing possibilities include catching up on whatever you have recorded on your DVR, relaxing with a cup of tea, or losing yourself in a novel.


You might be able to time things just right so that you can enjoy a matinee performance at the Van Wezel or another area theater during the peak of the thunderstorm. There are also art galleries to explore at the Ringling Museum of Art and animals to visit at the Mote Aquarium. Of course, there are plenty of cafes, diners, bookstores and other relaxing spots to spend an hour or two while waiting for the rain to end!


You know you want to. You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! When it comes to joining Mother Nature, however, you’ll need to be careful: If you hear thunder or see lightning, you need to wait a half hour before resuming outdoor activities. If it’s all rain and no lightning, however, then go ahead and get wet!

You undoubtedly have plenty more ideas on how to spend a rainy day. When you live in Coral Cove, your Sarasota Bay location puts you in a great spot to enjoy rainy and sunny days alike. Please contact me to schedule a showing of these beautiful properties so that you can find the home that’s perfect for you!