Upgrading Old Florida Home With Luxurious Details

Own an upscale home in Florida like in Cherokee Park? It probably comes with some luxurious details. Living in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sarasota, you might have been pleasantly surprised when you went to your first property showing in the community. From Spanish tile to crown moldings, you can really see the attention to detail that went into these beautiful homes. If you are looking to upgrade your home in Cherokee Park or anywhere else, here are some luxurious details you might want to consider.


When you think about a luxury kitchen, you probably consider high-end appliances, along with granite countertops. If you want to spruce up your luxury kitchen, consider having a custom pantry or custom kitchen cabinets designed, built and installed by a professional. Many homeowners choose cherry or walnut for high-end cabinetry, and you can even have them accented with gold leafing. Your appliances themselves might be framed in carved posts or columns, or if you want them to disappear into the background, paneled in wood matching the  rest of the kitchen. Think about lighting, too; visit a home décor store to learn about all of your options, and don’t be afraid to splurge on a really special fixture. Finally, consider mosaic or marble tile for your backsplash.


Are you planning to have your bathroom redone? For such a small room, there are a ton of options for upgrading. If you have the room, consider having a garden or jetted tub put in. It will truly be bliss to sink into the warm water at the end of the day! For your shower, think about having it encased in glass on the open sides; all you’ll have to do is pull the door open and walk into the steamy water. A shaving sink inside the shower, complete with mirror, is a great touch, as is a bench. You can splurge on the flooring in your bathroom, because its square footage is probably smaller than other areas of your home. Also, don’t forget to hang art on the walls; large prints will really help to fill the wall space. Remember, however, that even with excellent ventilation, your bathroom will get steamed up, so choose artwork that can withstand high levels of humidity. 


Your master bedroom is your haven – a place that you can truly kick back and relax. It makes sense to allocate some resources to this space in order to make it as relaxing as possible. One of the factors that many homeowners look for in a new home is plenty of closet space. Your Cherokee Park home likely comes with a roomy walk-in closet in the master bedroom, and this can be perfectly utilized with a custom closet. From shelving to clothing rods, drawers to organizing accessories, mirrors to comfortable seating, you can have it all in your walk-in closet. Think about flooring, too. Rich, dark hardwood is a popular choice for master bedrooms. You might also choose an exquisite rug for the area; it does not get much traffic, so you won’t have to put low cost and durability at the top of your priority list. A fireplace in the master bedroom is a great way to take the chill out of the air during the colder weeks of the year.

No matter what luxurious touches you put into your home, remember that they need to suit you. If a big double oven in your kitchen would go to waste because you hate to cook, then why bother? Invest the money into something that will make your life easier or make you smile on a daily basis. Also, keep in mind potential resale values. Most of the suggestions above might help to raise the value of your home if you were to put your house on the market, either now or a decade from now.