Guide to Sarasota Beaches: Siesta Key Beach, Lido Beach & More!

Living in Sarasota has its advantages, and one of the big ones is that you’re in close proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. When you consider the beaches in Sarasota County, it’s interesting to note that they’re all a bit different, even though they may be only a few miles apart. Since one of the big allures of living on the coast of Southwest Florida is the chance to while away many, many days on the sand, here is your guide to some of the best beaches in the area:


No guide to the best beaches in Sarasota would be accurate if Siesta Key Public Beach did not occupy the top spot. This is because in 2011, this white-sand slice of paradise was actually rated as the #1 beach in the nation by Dr. Beach. Why? The reasons are numerous: First, there is the pure quartz sand, which is has a soft, powdery consistency. The best feature of the sand is that it never gets burning hot, even at the peak of the summer sun in July and August. The surf is usually gentle, and you can wade out a long way without worrying about a drop-off or sharp shells. Finally, the sunsets here are spectacular; every evening hundreds of residents and visitors gather to watch the sun make its descent into the warm Gulf of Mexico. On Sunday evenings, drummers and dancers gather to dance and play the evening away. If you live in Holiday Harbor, you will want to make an effort to make it to this special weekly event at least once (but we bet you’ll be back)! You’ll find volleyball, restrooms, showers and lifeguards here.


For a relaxing day on the beach where many of your needs are anticipated and met, you can’t really beat Lido Beach, Sarasota. This one is located on Lido Key, between North Lido Beach and South Lido Park. Set yourself up on the sand and you’ll have a variety of amenities in easy reach, from food and ice cream concessions, a gift shop, a playground for the little ones, chair and umbrella rentals and even a heated swimming pool, if you prefer chlorinated water to salt water! If anyone in your party is in a wheelchair, the beach offers free usage of beach wheelchairs. These are meant to transport people with special needs down onto the sand. There are lifeguards on duty at this beautiful beach.


Are you a surfer? If so, North Jetty Park, located on the southern tip of nearby Casey Key (south of your home in Holiday Harbor) is the place for you to be. Because of the position of the jetties, there is ample opportunity for waves to develop. When there’s a storm in the Gulf, better watch out, because those waves can be pretty impressive! Even if you’d rather just hang out on the sand, you can watch the surfers and the boats that pass through the jetties as they head into the Gulf from the Intracoastal waterway. Lifeguards are on duty, and there are also picnic areas, rest rooms, horseshoe courts and volleyball available.


If your idea of a good time includes hunting for seashells and fossilized shark teeth, then Casperson Beach, located on the southern side of Venice, may be the perfect beach for you. This is a rather secluded beach, and quite rustic: The majority of the beach has been left in its natural state, complete with dune vegetation (don’t disturb it). You’ll be able to find a variety of beachy souvenirs, such as shark teeth, shells and sometimes sand dollars. There’s also a nature trail to explore, rest rooms, a long boardwalk and picnic areas.

These are just a few of the gorgeous Sarasota-area beaches that you will want to explore while living at Holiday Harbor. Other beaches in the area include the dog-friendly Brohard Park; Venice Beach, which offers a reef with fossils a quarter mile off shore for SCUBA divers; and Manasota Beach, a small beach set beyond mangroves. If the idea of being able to visit the beach every day appeals to you, give me a call so we can schedule a showing at one of the beautiful Holiday Harbor properties on the market!