Inexpensive, Easy Bathroom Updates

Along with the kitchen, bathrooms are the hardest working, most used spaces in our homes. When it comes time to sell and you need to impress, or, you’re buying and want a quick refresh, the bathroom is one room that’s among the easiest to transform. Because the space is small and there’s no a lot in the way of decor, compared to the living room or even the kitchen, the washroom is a cinch to change.

It’s common for baths to look and feel out-of-date, probably because of the strange phenomenon of being so familiar. Since it’s used everyday and sometimes, multiple times, it’s easy to become use to the space and not put any thought into it. That is, until you have company, then the bathrooms become a real concern.

Whether you’re looking for a completely different look or just want to make a few strategic, yet big impact changes, there are certainly quite a few options at your disposal. Though there’s generally not a lot of space to work with, small changes have a big effect, precisely because there’s no much to change. Within a weekend or two, you can truly transform your bathroom and make it look, and function, wonderfully.


The average cost of a complete and total bathroom remodel comes-in at $16,128, according to Remodeling Magazine. That’s quite a bit of money to sink into a small space, but, the return on investment certainly makes it worthwhile, averaging an impressive 72.5 percent. Though this sounds like a lot, that’s the average cost for a mid range remodel, if you go all-out and do an upscale upgrade, the national average runs in excess of $51,000. However, spending more and doing more doesn’t necessarily bring a direct correlation to return on investment. That pricey upscale remodel fetches a more modest 63.6 percent ROI, something to think about.

“The bathroom is a space you’ll visit (at least) daily, yet it’s probably the room you think about least — as far as the overall decor goes. Because this room is small, it’s way easier to change up.” —Huffington Post

As the numbers clearly demonstrate, more isn’t always better, and, bathrooms, with only a few fixtures, means that you can do a lot with a little. Thinking outside the box and using color, size, and decor, can turn an otherwise dull space into one that really wows.


With a few storage solutions, some paints, and other simple and inexpensive changes, your bathroom can be completely redone, looking as though you put a lot of money, time, and effort into the refresh. Here are some clever and low cost  makeover options for your bathroom:

  • Make it a blank slate. To unleash your imagination and truly see how much or little, room you have to work with, start by stripping it down. Remove all the accent pieces, decor, towels, and completely clear the space.
  • Give it a deep cleaning. You might encounter more than you bargained for, but, this is a crucial step. A good, deep cleaning, will leave a fresh look and scent. What’s more, it will likely reveal any subtle problems, such as cracked/warn caulk or leaks.
  • Freshen-up with paint. A new coat of light, neutral colored paint will work wonders to transform the space. It will appear larger, more well lit, and welcoming. You can chose a color and shade that’s in contrast to the vanity for maximum effect.
  • Replace window covers/treatments. Chances are if your bath has window treatments, they are ripe with dust and might even be contaminated with mold and/or mildew. Replace these with new window treatments for an updated look.
  • Add sliders to deep storage areas. If you’re always digging around in your vanity searching for items, this will have a huge impact on function. By installing sliding pull outs, you’ll be able to get organized and easy retrieve what you’re looking for.
  • Tile the vanity countertop. Instead of replacing the vanity, you can opt to clean it and then tile the top. Tile provides the water resistance you’ll need and will completely transform practically any worn vanity.
  • Replace the faucet. You can simply unhook the faucet and replace it with a new one for a low cost, or, can pull out the old sink and replace the whole fixture. In addition, you can swap out the shower head for a new one.
  • Buy new towels and a rug. You can get creative here and say goodbye to those worn towels and that sad floor rug. By changing these out, the space will look better and have a fresh, inviting feel.

Another upgrade is to change-out or install a fan. Ventilation fan motors become worn over time and might not run efficiently. With a new fan, the space will be more comfortable and quiet.