Moving to Sarasota, FL: Top Tips for Relocating to Sarasota

Congratulations on deciding to make downtown Sarasota your home! If you have purchased a home in Sarasota, you are probably surrounded by boxes… or maybe you are procrastinating in an effort to avoid having to buckle down and get your belongings boxed up and moved. Moving, even if it’s locally, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Follow these tips to make it as low-stress as possible. And when the going gets tough, remember: Soon enough, you’ll be enjoying the gorgeous views and luxurious amenities that made you want to live in Sarasota in the first place.


Moving an entire household is a huge undertaking, and as you are involved in one pre-moving-day activity, you’ll get six other somewhat-relevant ideas. Keep a notebook handy. Choose a bright color, tie to to a gas can or find some other method of not losing the book. The most important list you can make is an inventory of what is going into each box. The easiest system for packing and unpacking is to number every box that you use, and to make a quick note about what is in the box. For example, boxes #1-10 might be dishes, flatware and glassware, boxes 11 and 12 might house your daughter’s stuffed animal collection, and so on. Also keep a page of important telephone numbers as well as a list of items that you need to buy for your new home.


If you are hiring movers, they will often take care of this for you, but if not, start stocking up on cardboard as soon as possible. If you think you have enough boxes, you probably don’t. Remember to keep them on the small-to-medium side; filling a large box with something heavy like books is going to make it too heavy to carry safely, and filling it with something breakable is just asking for an expensive disaster! Packing tape is inexpensive; grab several rolls. While you’re at it, make sure that you have piles of bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, blankets and other materials to cushion your breakables.


If you’re hiring a moving company, you might not have to worry about the actual packing and moving, but you are going to need to put some thought into who you are hiring. Check with the Better Business Bureau and try to get some references on the company that you’re considering. In many cases, you get what you pay for, so if you are moving expensive pieces into your luxury home at ONE88, you will want to do your homework and choose the best company that you can find. Be sure that your movers have insurance and get all details in writing.


If you already live in Southwest Florida, then this goes without saying, but if you’re new to the Sunshine State, it’s vital to remember that from June to October, the skies tend to open up in the afternoon or evening, bringing thunder, lightning, downpours and heavy wind. The tropical humidity tends to build up to very high levels during the afternoon hours, too. It’s best to avoid carrying your belongings through torrential rain if possible, and of course you don’t want to bring wet items into your beautiful new home! During the summer, it’s best to try to get most of your actual moving done in the morning.


Even if you’re hiring movers to do the actual packing for you, it’s best to pare down your belongings and start organizing your items weeks ahead of time, if possible. For the last week that you’re in your old home, use only the kitchen supplies that you need and get the rest ready to be packed. Have a garage sale or make a trip to the Goodwill or a consignment shop in order to rid yourself of items you no longer want or need.


While it’s tempting to want to get it all done at once, remember that you are moving to Sarasota to enjoy the tropical lifestyle, the excellent views and the luxury of living in downtown Sarasota! If it takes you a few weeks to get every item in place, that’s fine. Take time to smell the ocean breezes and check out your new neighborhood.

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